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The Densifier™ maximizes the space utilization of the storage compartments of ocean vessels, barges, railcars, and trucks to enhance transportation efficiencies.  This is an ongoing problem for lightweight, “cubic” cargos such as woodchips.

Under conventional loading methods, woodchips are loaded in storage compartments in a forced product stream causing the random and uneven disbursement of the woodchips.  As a result of these inherent inefficiencies, minimal tons of woodchips are loaded per cubic unit of space, increasing the overall operating costs for the storage and transportation of woodchips.

The Densifier ™ revolutionizes the loading of woodchips by eliminating most of the unnecessary air space that occurs in conventional loading operations.  As the woodchips are processed through the Densifier™ woodchip distribution device, the chips are uniformly dispersed in an outward direction in a pattern of concentric circles.  Using the Densifier™ in loading operations causes woodchips to lie flat on top of one another as they enter a confined storage compartment, which results in less air space and maximum compaction.  Therefore, space utilization is maximized in the storage compartment.

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The Densifier technology is patented in the United States and 41 foreign countries.